Here in Michigan, our story begins as early as 1955, when social justice advocates came together and began to plan for a state organization. The ACLU of Michigan was officially established in 1959 to defend our civil liberties. Our staff works statewide in offices in Detroit, Lansing, and Grand Rapids.


Head shot of Monica Andrade

Monica Andrade
Legal Fellow



Head shot of Miriam Aukerman
Miriam Aukerman
Senior Staff Attorney


Head shot of Jessica Ayoub
Jessica Ayoub
Public Engagement Strategist



Head shot of Mary Bejian
Mary Bejian
Director of Philanthropy




head shot of Brenda Bove
Brenda Bove



Head shot of Kim Buddin
Kimberly Buddin-Crawford
Policy Counsel

Head shot of Dana Chicklas
Dana Chicklas
Digital Strategist


Head shot of Elissa Clemons
Elissa Clemons 
Special Events Coordinator


Head shot of Anna Dituri
Anna Dituri
Field Organizer


Head shot of Sharon Dolente

Sharon Dolente 
Voting Rights Strategist



Head shot of Rana Elmir
Rana Elmir
Deputy Director



Head shot of Mark Fancher
Mark Fancher
Racial Justice Project Staff Attorney




Head shot of Lisa Gore
Lisa Gore


Head shot of Bill Greene

Bill Greene
Director of Operations



Head shot of Richard Griffin
Richard Griffin
Field Organizer




Head shot of Curt Guyette

Curt Guyette
Editor at Large


Head shot of Giancarlo Guzman
Giancarlo Guzman


Head shot of Elvira Hernandez
Elvira Hernandez
Administrative Assistant




Head shot of Paul Jeden

Paul Jeden
Operations & Finance Coordinator



head shot of Jay Kaplan
Jay Kaplan
LGBT Project Staff Attorney



Head shot of Jennifer Keller
Jennifer Keller
Assistant to the Executive Director & Special Projects Coordinator



Head shot of Bonsitu Kitaba
Bonsitu Kitaba
Deputy Legal Director




Head shot of Dan Korobkin
Dan Korobkin
Legal Director



Head shot of Merissa Kovach
Merissa Kovach
Policy Strategist 


Head shot of Elaine Lewis
Elaine Lewis
West Michigan Legal Fellow



Mary Madigan
Mary Madigan
Deputy Director of Philanthropy




Head shot of Phil Mayor

Phil Mayor
Senior Staff Attorney



Head shot of Rodd Monts

Rodd Monts
Campaign Outreach Coordinator



Head shot of Ann Mullen
Ann Mullen
Communications Director



Head shot of Dave Noble
Dave Noble
Executive Director




Head shot of Sandra Price
Sandra Price
Operations Administrative Assistant


Head shot of Michelle Roberts
Michelle Roberts
Donor Relations Officer


Head shot of Marlee Sherrod
Marlee Sherrod
Development Operations Coordinator


Head shot of Richard Speck
Richard Speck
Field Organizer 



Head shot of Alistair Stephenson

Alistair Stephenson
Digital Strategist




Head shot of Kristin Totten
Kristin Totten
Education Attorney



Head shot of Shelli Weisberg
Shelli Weisberg
Political Director




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