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Chloe Pan’s commitment to fighting for social, economic and racial justice has been shaped by the immigrant experience. She moved to America from China at the age of four, and watched as her mother labored long hours as a waitress to support her family. With an academic background in international development and ethnic studies, she honed her activist skills as a student government leader who led a successful effort to achieve the first tuition rollback in nearly two decades at UCLA, and helped spur the creation of the first campus residential facility focused on civic engagement. It also led her to the ACLU where she is a Civil Liberties Fellow, doing immigrant rights and criminal justice research.

Her activism and earnest demeanor are only part of the picture, though. With a lifelong interest in fashion, she’s been sketching and making her own designs since the age of 14. She’s accomplished enough to have once been featured in the magazine Teen Vogue. Her creativity (and her slightly twisted sense of humor) also came to the fore when she wrote a college application essay that exclusively featured puns using her last name. You might say that things so far are panning out just fine for a young woman who says she hopes one day to be remembered for a life spent making “good trouble.” In other words, she’s looking to pursue a career creating her own unique brand of positive pandemonium!

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