Head shot of Katie Bart


Civil Liberties Fellow



Quiet, unassuming and incredibly hard working, ACLU Civil Liberties Fellow Katie Bart, has a sly, ironic sense of humor.

Asked if she has a favorite quote, the recent University of Chicago graduate smiles and says, “I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.” The joke is that those words come from Leslie Knope, the fictional small town official on the television show Parks and Recreation, who keeps a framed photograph of herself on her Wall of Inspirational Women. Knope occupies a special place alongside Michelle Obama as two of her heroes because both women remind her to act locally and always “keep it real.”

As a Civil Liberties Fellow, Katie is already emulating both women. As part of our work on bail reform in the Campaign for Smart Justice, Katie is gathering data from Michigan sheriffs to analyze how the state’s bail system works against people or color or those experiencing poverty. In the legal department, Katie is part of a team that continues to work on a sustainable solution for clean water in the Flint public school district, and has been involved in discovery for our Iraqi Deportation case Hamama v. Adducci. After her fellowship, Katie wants to be an advocate for criminal and economic justice reform.

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