The spread of COVID-19 is a crisis, and it will take many of us working together to respond appropriately, effectively, and fairly. The ACLU of Michigan will be monitoring the situation to ensure a response that is ​scientifically justified and no more intrusive upon civil liberties than absolutely necessary. In particular, we will provide guidance to our elected officials on crafting a response that protects the populations most vulnerable to harm, including working people, immigrants, and those involved in the criminal legal system.

Here you will find information about the ACLU’s response to COVID-19, including news updates, blog posts, guidelines, and letters to public officials – as well as other resources. We will update this page as the situation develops. See below for more resources.



January 13, 2021: Civil Rights Coalition Urges Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Health Department to Prioritize Vaccinating People who are Incarcerated

July 13: Wayne county bypass amicus curiae brief

June 29: ACLU letter re remote trial rights

April 30: ACLU Calls on Governor and Supreme Court to take needed next steps to prevent mass evictions and utility shutoffs amid COVID-19 crisis

April 28: ACLU of Michigan Calls on Elected Officials to Denounce Rise of Racist Attacks on Asian Americans Amid COVID-19

April 20: Judge ruled the signature requirement for candidates during COVID-19 is unconstitutional, following ACLU's amicus brief filed in the case

April 17: ACLU and Civil Rights Organizations Sue Oakland County Sheriff and Jail Administrator Urging Immediate Release of Vulnerable People to Stop Spread of COVID-19

April 8: ACLU and Law Firm Sue ICE to seek immediate release of immigrants vulnerable to COVID-19

April 3: ACLU Wins Emergency COVID-19 Oakland County Bail Appeal

April 1: ACLU Advocacy at Home webinar and organizing call. Watch the recording here.

March 31: ACLU, SADO Urge Michigan Chief Judges and Sheriffs to follow Gov. Whitmer's Executive Order and release vulnerable people from jails immediately

March 26: ACLU of Michigan Applauds Chief Justice and Sheriffs’ Association for Issuing Critical Recommendations to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in Jails Statewide

March 25: ACLU of Michigan applauds Sec. of State Jocelyn Benson's Plan to Mail Voters Absentee Ballot Applications for May 5 Elections

March 19: ACLU of Michigan joins nationwide affiliates statement, urging all government and public officials to protect people in the criminal legal system

March 17: ACLU urges Michigan’s Chief Judges to take emergency action

March 16: ACLU urges Michigan’s jail and prison officials to develop proactive plans

March 12: As a member of the Michigan Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, ACLU urges ICE to release civil immigration detainees

March 9: ACLU and civil rights coalition welcomes Detroit’s water restart