If You Are  Subject to Unjust Pretrial Bond Conditions, the ACLU Wants to Hear From You!

Are you on pretrial release and subject to troubling bond conditions (such as a GPS tether, alcohol monitor, or mandatory drug/alcohol testing)? Are you asked to pay for the tether/monitor or drug testing? Has the tether/monitor, and/or testing prevented you from finding work, or interrupted your work? Have you been unreasonably restricted from going other places you need to go as a result? Have you had difficulty voting because of the terms of your pretrial release condition(s)? If the answer to any of these questions is, “yes,” the ACLU of Michigan may be able to help.

The ACLU of Michigan is working with a legal fellow, Yazmine Nichols, to challenge unfair and oppressive pretrial bond conditions. We are looking to partner with defense attorneys to assist defendants with problems like these.

If you are seeking assistance in an effort to challenge unjust pretrial bond conditions (i.e. tethers, alcohol monitors, or drug/alcohol testing requirements) and are self-represented, please contact Yazmine Nichols using the information below and/or fill out this ACLU of Michigan intake formIf you are represented by a defense attorney, you may have your attorney contact Yazmine instead. A response could take as long as a few weeks. Thank you in advance for your submission!

Contact information:

Yazmine Nichols

Telephone: (646) 885-8339

Email: ynichols@aclu.org