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  1. ACLU Lawsuit Charges ICE Illegally Detained and Assaulted U.S. Citizen and Legal Permanent Resident

    April 19, 2012Press releaseRacial Justice
  2. Take Action: End Racial Profiling in Michigan

    April 26, 2012News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  3. ACLU Tells Federal Appeals Court to Reinstate Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart for Wrongfully Firing Medical Marijuana Patient

    April 18, 2012Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Drug Policy
  4. Women Can’t Wait for Equal Pay

    April 17, 2012News updateWorkplace Rights, Women's Rights
  5. Standing up For the Future: How Could I Not?

    April 6, 2012News updateWorkplace Rights, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  6. Michigan Women’s Prison Halts Degrading Routine Body Cavity Searches

    April 12, 2012Press releaseWomen's Rights, Criminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  7. Civil and Human Rights Groups Urge Michigan Women’s Prison to End Degrading Body Cavity Searches

    April 12, 2012Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice, Women's Rights
  8. Equality For All: America Must Live Up to its Promise

    April 18, 2012News updateRacial Justice
  9. Your Weekly Rights Review - April 20, 2012

    April 20, 2012News updateRacial Justice, Drug Policy
  10. Your Weekly Rights Review | April 13, 2012

    April 13, 2012News updatePrisoners' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Free Speech