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  1. EMU Students Protesting Racist Graffiti Threatened With Expulsion

    February 2, 2017CaseRacial Justice, Free Speech
  2. Housing Discrimination in Hamtramck

    February 27, 2017CaseRacial Justice
  3. A look back: 2017 ACLU of Michigan Lawyers Summit

    February 7, 2017News updateRacial Justice
  4. ACLU of Michigan Defends Free Speech Rights of Man Arrested, Charged for Facebook Comments

    February 21, 2017Press releaseRacial Justice, Free Speech
  5. Anti-cop Speech is Not a Crime. It’s Protected by the First Amendment

    February 23, 2017News updateRacial Justice, Free Speech
  6. The Controversy Behind Michigan's Emergency Manager Law and Its Role in the Flint Water Crisis

    February 23, 2017News updateRacial Justice, Flint Water Crisis