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  1. Drops In the Bucket

    September 10, 2015PublicationRacial Justice
  2. Highland Park EM Throws Away Historic Collection of African American Books, Residents and ACLU Express Outrage

    June 21, 2013PublicationRacial Justice, Student Rights
  3. Our Civil Liberties Heroes of 2014

    December 22, 2014PublicationFree Speech, Religious Liberty, Racial Justice
  4. Corrosive Impact: Leaded Water and One Flint Family's Toxic Nightmare

    September 10, 2015PublicationRacial Justice
  5. High-Achieving Student Needlessly Threatened with Expulsion

    November 14, 2014PublicationStudent Rights, Racial Justice
  6. Detroit Officials Deny Activists Fighting Water Shutoffs Day in Court

    December 17, 2015PublicationVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  7. Julia Aikens: I Shouldn't Have to Lose My Home

    July 27, 2016PublicationDue Process, Racial Justice
  8. Bankruptcy Judge Denies Motion to Suspend Detroit Water Shutoffs

    September 29, 2014PublicationDue Process, Racial Justice
  9. Civil Rights Groups Call on UN Rapporteurs to Refer Human Rights Abuses in Detroit Water Shut-offs to US Government

    October 16, 2014PublicationDue Process, Racial Justice
  10. Expelling Michigan’s Future: Your Weekly Rights Review

    September 27, 2013PublicationStudent Rights, Racial Justice, Free Speech