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  1. Halbert v. Michigan: Ensuring Legal Representation for Poor Defendants

    June 23, 2005Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  2. ACLU Sues Flint Mayor for News Carrier's Arrest

    January 1, 2005Press releaseDue Process, Free Speech
  3. U.S. Court of Appeals to Hear ACLU Cases This Week

    April 19, 2005Press releaseDue Process, Racial Justice
  4. Roseville Artist Will Stay Out of Jail for Now

    April 4, 2005Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice, Free Speech
  5. ACLU Lawsuit Challenges Unconstitutional Breathalyzer Tests for Pedestrians

    August 4, 2005Press releaseDrug Policy, Student Rights, Due Process
  6. ACLU Opposes Cox's Support for Elimination of Preliminary Examinations

    May 10, 2005Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  7. ACLU Asks Court to Grant Class Action Status in Saginaw County Jail Abuse Case

    May 2, 2005Press releaseDue Process, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear ACLU Challenge to Michigan Appointed Counsel Law

    January 10, 2005Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  9. ACLU Joins Lawsuits Charging Saginaw County Jail for Abuse of Detainees

    March 29, 2005Press releaseCriminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Due Process
  10. ACLU of Michigan Argues Appointed Counsel Law in U.S. Supreme Court

    April 25, 2005Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process