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  1. ACLU Sues Mt. Pleasant Schools for Suspending Critic of Tardy Policy

    September 5, 2001Press releaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  2. Northwest Airlines Apologizes to Civil Rights Groups

    November 8, 2001Press releaseSafe and Free, Racial Justice, Free Speech
  3. ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging State Anti-Mask Law on Anniversary of OAS Demonst

    June 4, 2001Press releaseDue Process, Free Speech
  4. Fenton High School Senior Wins ACLU College Scholarship for Youth Activism

    May 22, 2001Press releaseFree Speech, Student Rights
  5. Court Rejects Noisy Steel Company's Attempt to Intimidate Quiet Neighborhood

    April 29, 2001Press releaseFree Speech
  6. Calumet Resident Gets Help from the ACLU In Order to Protest

    August 1, 2001Press releaseFree Speech
  7. ACLU Critizes Mayor for Cutting Public Opinion from Meeting Broadcasts

    September 4, 2001Press releaseFree Speech