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  1. ACLU, Brennan Center Reports Expose Resurgence of Debtors' Prisons

    October 4, 2010Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  2. ACLU-UM Urges the University of Michigan to Adopt Strong Canvassing Policy

    October 8, 2010Press releaseVoting Rights, Student Rights, Free Speech
  3. "Tell Me How Your Rights Were Violated"

    October 4, 2010News updateSafe and Free
  4. The Courts Count: LGBT Equality in Michigan

    October 7, 2010News updateThe Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  5. Evicted For Following the Law

    October 20, 2010News updateDrug Policy, Disability Rights
  6. Show Me the Numbers

    October 18, 2010News updateCriminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights