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  1. ACLU Urges Michigan to Investigate Catholic Hospital’s Ban on Common Birth Control Procedure

    December 4, 2014Press releaseWomen's Rights, Religious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom
  2. ACLU of Michigan Legislative Docket: Reproductive Rights

    April 10, 2014LegislationWorkplace Rights, Women's Rights, Student Rights, Religious Liberty, Privacy & Technology, Reproductive Freedom
  3. Misguided Hospital Policy Illustrates the Potential Dangers of State RFRA Bill

    December 17, 2014News updateReproductive Freedom, Religious Liberty
  4. Guest Blog: Pregnant? Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, and Catholic Hospitals

    December 8, 2014News updateReligious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom
  5. Don't Allow Religion as an Excuse to Ignore the Law

    December 1, 2014News updateWorkplace Rights, Women's Rights, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project, Reproductive Freedom, Religious Liberty
  6. Three Ways You’d Be Better Off as a Business

    July 1, 2014News updateReproductive Freedom, Free Speech, Religious Liberty
  7. Take Action: Tell Your Senator Religion Isn’t a License to Discriminate

    December 5, 2014News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Free Speech, Religious Liberty