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  1. Students Suspended for “Unapproved” Political Speech

    April 16, 2018CaseFree Speech, Student Rights
  2. ACLU Urges Utica School to Rescind Ban on Political Signs at Student Protests and to Apologize to Suspended Gun Reform Advocates

    April 16, 2018News updateFree Speech, Student Rights
  3. Free Speech on Campus

    August 7, 2013CaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  4. Anonymous Bloggers Sued by Law School

    April 4, 2013CaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  5. Enforcement of Flint Saggy Pants Rule is Unconstitutional and Must be Stopped

    July 14, 2008News updateStudent Rights, Free Speech
  6. Censorship of Toni Morrison

    April 12, 2016CaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  7. ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Utica Community Schools

    April 7, 2003Press releaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  8. Settlement Reached Between South Lyon Schools and Students Regarding Free Speech

    March 19, 2003Press releaseStudent Rights, Due Process, Free Speech
  9. Judge Rules In Favor of Dearborn Student’s Right to Political Speech

    October 1, 2003Press releaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  10. Court Strikes Down Michigan Verbal Assault Law

    October 3, 2003Press releaseStudent Rights, Free Speech