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  1. ACLU of Michigan Mobile Justice App Aims to Stop Police Brutality

    November 13, 2015News updateRacial Justice, Search and Seizure
  2. The Legacy of Detroit Activist Ron Scott

    December 3, 2015News updateSearch and Seizure, Racial Justice
  3. Impossible Bond Requirement in Forfeiture Case

    May 20, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure
  4. Criminal Charges and Cars Seized for Going to an Art Gallery

    March 10, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure
  5. Local Government Transparency on Surveillance

    March 24, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure, Privacy & Technology
  6. ACLU, Mackinac Center Report Calls on State to End Civil Forfeiture

    September 29, 2015Press releaseDue Process, Search and Seizure
  7. Army Veteran, ACLU Sue City for Illegal Cavity Search

    September 15, 2015Press releaseSearch and Seizure, Criminal Justice
  8. ACLU Urges That Police Be Instructed to Stop Unconstitutional Breathalyzer Tests

    September 10, 2015Press releaseDue Process, Search and Seizure
  9. Robbed by the Police: Civil Forfeiture Laws in Michigan

    March 11, 2015News updateSearch and Seizure, Racial Justice, Due Process
  10. Mom Arrested and Strip-Searched After 9/11 Flight Settles Lawsuit

    April 24, 2015Press releaseSafe and Free, Racial Justice, Search and Seizure