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  1. ACLU Encouraged By Ruling In Nightclub Raid Case

    April 5, 2006News updateSearch and Seizure, Drug Policy
  2. Decriminalizing Grand Rapids

    December 11, 2015CaseDrug Policy
  3. Unemployment Benefits for Medical Marijuana Patients

    November 4, 2015CaseDrug Policy
  4. Michigan Cities Cannot Ban Medical Marijuana

    February 6, 2014CaseDrug Policy
  5. Lansing Watchdog: State's Dopey Drug-Testing Scheme A Wasteful Flop

    July 1, 2016News updateRacial Justice, Drug Policy
  6. Profile from the War on Drugs: Joseph Casias

    June 8, 2011News updateDrug Policy
  7. Black People Found to be 3 Times More Likely to be Arrested for Marijuana Possession than Whites in Michigan, Despite Equal Usage Rates

    June 4, 2013Press releaseDrug Policy, Racial Justice
  8. Landlords Are Not Required to Evict Medical Marijuana Patients, ACLU Explains in Letter

    March 17, 2011Press releaseDrug Policy, Disability Rights
  9. ACLU to Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart for Firing Cancer Patient Who Legally Used Medical Marijuana

    April 27, 2011Press releaseDisability Rights, Workplace Rights, Drug Policy
  10. ACLU Joins Lawsuit Against City of Wyoming For Banning Medical Marijuana

    December 16, 2010Press releaseDisability Rights, Drug Policy