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  1. Legislating Behind Closed Doors

    February 6, 2015CaseVoting Rights, Free Speech
  2. The Right to Pass Out “Know Your Rights” Leaflets

    February 28, 2015CaseFree Speech
  3. Federal Court Approves Settlement Requiring Warren to Give Atheists Equal Access to City Hall

    February 23, 2015Press releaseFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  4. The Mayor Doesn't Like It: Standing Up for Religious Freedom

    February 27, 2015News updateReligious Liberty, Free Speech
  5. ACLU of Michigan Sues State to Overturn Unconstitutional Ban on Commercial Speech

    February 5, 2015Press releaseFree Speech
  6. #ThrowbackThursday: Being Poor Isn't a Crime

    February 19, 2015News updateFree Speech