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  1. Ban on Political Canvassing in Wixom Neighborhoods

    January 28, 2020CaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  2. Candidate Charged With Crime for Political Speech

    January 28, 2020CaseFree Speech
  3. County Threatens Religious Freedom of Amish Community

    March 16, 2020CaseReligious Liberty, Free Speech
  4. Signature Requirement for Candidates

    April 22, 2020CaseFree Speech, Voting Rights
  5. Advocacy at Home

    March 25, 2020News updateCOVID-19 and Your Rights, Voting Rights, Criminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Women's Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Free Speech
  6. Know Your RIghts When You Protest

    July 2, 2020Know Your RightsFree Speech, Safe and Free