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  1. ACLU Seeks Dismissal of Charges

    April 27, 2006Press releaseFree Speech
  2. ACLU Sues Metropark Over "Free Speech Zone"

    April 26, 2006Press releaseFree Speech
  3. Charges Against Ferndale Peace Protesters Dropped

    October 3, 2006Press releaseDue Process, Free Speech, Criminal Justice
  4. Prosecutor Grants ACLU Request to Dismiss Charge

    April 28, 2006Press releaseFree Speech
  5. National Television Program on Religious Liberty Features Two Michigan Residents

    February 9, 2006Press releaseFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  6. Clawson Sign Ordinance Unconstitutional Says ACLU in Letter to City Officials

    August 2, 2006Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice, Free Speech
  7. ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Fenton’s Unconstitutional Sign Ordinance

    November 1, 2006Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Free Speech