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  1. They Don’t Want You to Know: Shedding Light on Surveillance in Michigan

    May 22, 2014News updateSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  2. ACLU to Detroit: Fireworks Curfew Violates the Rights of Young People and their Parents

    June 19, 2014Press releaseSafe and Free, Free Speech
  3. ACLU of Michigan Legislative Docket: Poverty

    April 10, 2014LegislationSafe and Free, Workplace Rights
  4. ACLU of Michigan Legislative Docket: Privacy and Technology

    April 10, 2014LegislationStudent Rights, Search and Seizure, Safe and Free, Due Process, Criminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  5. Law for Liberation | A Summer of Civil Liberties

    July 23, 2014News updateSafe and Free, Free Speech
  6. SCOTUS Rules Police Need a Warrant for Your Cellphone

    June 25, 2014News updateSearch and Seizure, Safe and Free, Privacy & Technology

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