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  1. Army Veteran, ACLU Sue City for Illegal Cavity Search

    September 15, 2015Press releaseSearch and Seizure, Criminal Justice
  2. Flint Police Mass Arrests at Dance Club Unconstitutional

    October 13, 2006Press releaseCriminal Justice, Search and Seizure
  3. The 815 Secret Places Your Rights Disappear

    May 1, 2013News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice, Search and Seizure
  4. ACLU of Michigan Legislative Docket: Privacy and Technology

    April 10, 2014LegislationStudent Rights, Search and Seizure, Safe and Free, Due Process, Criminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  5. ACLU Challenges Grand Rapids Practice of Arresting Innocent People for Trespassing

    May 1, 2013News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice, Search and Seizure
  6. ACLU Urges Detroit To End Illegal Practice of Dumping Homeless People Outside City Limits, Files DOJ Complaint

    April 18, 2013Press releaseCriminal Justice, Search and Seizure
  7. Capitol Watchdog: What's a Lame Duck Session (and What Does it Mean for Your Rights)?

    November 29, 2012News updateWomen's Rights, Search and Seizure, Criminal Justice, Reproductive Freedom
  8. The Government Wants Your DNA

    November 27, 2012News updateCriminal Justice, Search and Seizure
  9. Civil Forfeiture in Michigan

    October 23, 2015PublicationCriminal Justice, Search and Seizure
  10. Current Legal Docket

    September 24, 2019PageDue Process, Criminal Justice, Flint Water Crisis, Free Speech, Reproductive Freedom, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project, Immigrants' Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Privacy & Technology, Safe and Free, Religious Liberty, Search and Seizure, Disability Rights, Drug Policy, Student Rights, Emergency Manager, Racial Justice