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  1. ACLU of Michigan Video Exposes State's Lies About Water Crisis

    October 29, 2015PageFlint Water Crisis
  2. Flint Residents May Sue For Constitutional Violations

    July 28, 2017CaseFlint Water Crisis, Racial Justice
  3. Flint Town Hall Arrests

    April 12, 2018CaseFlint Water Crisis, Free Speech
  4. Flint Water Crisis: Settlement to Launch Groundbreaking Program to Assess Impacts on Flint Children

    April 9, 2018News updateFlint Water Crisis, Student Rights
  5. The fight for the schoolchildren of Flint: Sign-up for resources

    January 22, 2019News updateFlint Water Crisis, Student Rights
  6. ACLU of Michigan Presents "Thirst for Truth: Who's to Blame for Flint's Water Woes?"

    September 23, 2015PublicationFlint Water Crisis, Privacy & Technology
  7. Corrosive Impact: A Tale of Leaded Water and One Flint Family’s Toxic Nightmare

    July 9, 2015News updateFlint Water Crisis, Voting Rights
  8. ACLU Michigan Executive Director: Snyder Should Waive FOIA Exemption for 'Real Accountability' in Flint Water Crisis

    January 22, 2016Press releaseFlint Water Crisis, Voting Rights
  9. Why Immigrant Families and Children in Flint Water Crisis Deserve Help, Not Deportation

    March 1, 2016News updateRacial Justice, Flint Water Crisis
  10. Flint’s Poisoned Children Deserve the Truth

    February 20, 2016News updateRacial Justice, Flint Water Crisis, Voting Rights