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  1. E-Verify is Verifiably Bad

    May 29, 2009News updateSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  2. Dear Lansing, HIV Status Is Not Public Information

    August 20, 2009News updateCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  3. Big Brother Coming to a School Near You

    August 5, 2009News updateStudent Rights, Safe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  4. A little help from our friends

    July 15, 2009News updatePrivacy & Technology, Free Speech
  5. Schools Out, but You Still Have Homework!

    June 16, 2009News updatePrivacy & Technology, Due Process
  6. New Michigan License Threatens Privacy

    June 1, 2009News updateSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  7. Terrorism Finance Laws Undermine Michigan Muslims' Religious Freedom, Says ACLU

    June 16, 2009PublicationSafe and Free, Religious Liberty, Privacy & Technology