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  1. Denying Church Right to Help Homeless Violates Federal Law, ACLU Tells City of Ferndale

    March 3, 2009Press releaseFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  2. Court Rule Would Unconstitutionally Deny Muslim Women Access to Justice, ACLU and Allies Tell Court

    April 30, 2009Press releaseWomen's Rights, Religious Liberty, Criminal Justice
  3. ACLU Asks South Haven Schools to End Religious Proselytizing During School Hours

    January 12, 2009Press releaseStudent Rights, Religious Liberty
  4. Don’t Close the Courthouse Doors on Muslim Women

    May 1, 2009News updateWomen's Rights, Religious Liberty, Criminal Justice
  5. Christmas Comes Early In Ferndale

    December 14, 2009News updateReligious Liberty
  6. Ferndale BZA Keeps it Real and Constitutional

    April 15, 2009News updateReligious Liberty
  7. Ferndale ZBA Learns the Hard Way About Religious Freedom

    March 20, 2009News updateReligious Liberty
  8. Jailed Preacher's Appeal Generates Overwhelming Support Across the Country

    March 18, 2009News updateReligious Liberty, Free Speech
  9. Unbelievable, but True: Preacher Thrown in Jail for Quoting Bible

    February 16, 2009News updateFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  10. Happy 200th Darwin Day!

    February 12, 2009News updateFree Speech, Religious Liberty