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  1. Stop Trump's Heartless Public Charge Rule

    November 28, 2018Action
  2. Volunteer with the ACLU of Michigan

    January 17, 2019Action
  3. Join the ACLU of Michigan

    February 22, 2019Action
  4. Protect our right to boycott

    December 10, 2018Action
  5. Save Rocky From Wrongful Execution

    February 21, 2019Action
  6. Love Letters for Aimee Stephens

    June 27, 2019ActionThe Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  7. Tell Lenawee County Commissioners to End Discrimination Against Amish Residents

    December 20, 2019Action
  8. Tell Congress: Refugees Are Welcome Here

    October 4, 2019Action
  9. Stop the illegal abortion bans in Michigan

    March 1, 2020Action
  10. Tell ICE to Release People from Detention Now to Stop COVID-19

    April 13, 2020Action