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  1. ACLU of Michigan Presents "Thirst for Truth: Who's to Blame for Flint's Water Woes?"

    September 23, 2015PublicationFlint Water Crisis, Privacy & Technology
  2. The Jessica Mann Story

    October 1, 2015PublicationWomen's Rights, Religious Liberty, Reproductive Freedom
  3. Drops In the Bucket

    September 10, 2015PublicationRacial Justice
  4. Corrosive Impact: Leaded Water and One Flint Family's Toxic Nightmare

    September 10, 2015PublicationRacial Justice
  5. Busking Is a First Amendment Right

    March 27, 2015PublicationCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  6. Structural Flaws (Slideshow)

    October 29, 2015PublicationStudent Rights
  7. Racial Profiling by ICE

    March 13, 2015Publication
  8. The Right to Read

    September 23, 2015PublicationStudent Rights
  9. Detroit Officials Deny Activists Fighting Water Shutoffs Day in Court

    December 17, 2015PublicationVoting Rights, Racial Justice
  10. This Week Online: Free Speech in Detroit & Other Stories 1/23-1/30

    January 30, 2015PublicationThe Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project, Racial Justice, Privacy & Technology, Free Speech