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  1. Our Civil Liberties Heroes of 2014

    December 22, 2014PublicationFree Speech, Religious Liberty, Racial Justice
  2. Busking Is a First Amendment Right

    March 27, 2015PublicationCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  3. Anti-Begging Law Struck Down

    August 14, 2013PublicationCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  4. No Leafleting on Mackinac Island

    May 31, 2013PublicationFree Speech
  5. Fur Protester Arrested for Standing on Public Sidewalk

    August 29, 2013PublicationFree Speech
  6. Expelling Michigan’s Future: Your Weekly Rights Review

    September 27, 2013PublicationStudent Rights, Racial Justice, Free Speech
  7. Birmingham Adopts New Free Speech Policy to Settle ACLU Lawsuit

    August 30, 2013PublicationFree Speech
  8. Know Your Rights: Videotaping Police Officers

    July 25, 2013PublicationCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology, Free Speech
  9. Fur Protester, ACLU Sue Birmingham Police Over Unconstitutional Arrest

    July 25, 2013PublicationDue Process, Free Speech
  10. Mackinac Island Leafleting Ordinance Blatantly Unconstitutional, ACLU Tells Officials

    May 31, 2013PublicationFree Speech