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  1. Ballot Access for Redistricting Proposal

    July 31, 2018CaseVoting Rights
  2. Misleading Information About Voter ID

    November 7, 2016CaseVoting Rights
  3. Promote the Vote

    September 6, 2018CaseVoting Rights
  4. Voter Registration at MSU

    January 14, 2016CaseVoting Rights, Student Rights
  5. Voters with Disabilities

    November 13, 2017CaseVoting Rights, Disability Rights
  6. Legislating Behind Closed Doors

    February 6, 2015CaseVoting Rights, Free Speech
  7. Emergency Manager Law Challenged in Federal Court

    March 17, 2015CaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights
  8. Petitioning Rights for Non-Michigan Residents

    March 31, 2014CaseVoting Rights
  9. Citizenship Checkbox at the Polls

    May 29, 2013CaseVoting Rights
  10. John Conyers Restored to the Primary Ballot

    July 1, 2014CaseVoting Rights