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  1. Defending School District’s LGBT-Friendly Policies

    March 12, 2018CaseLGBT Rights, Student Rights
  2. Discrimination by Foster Care and Adoption Agencies

    September 14, 2018CaseLGBT Rights, Religious Liberty
  3. Insurance Coverage for Medically Necessary Health Care

    August 6, 2018CaseLGBT Rights
  4. Judge Refuses to Grant Legal Name Change

    June 25, 2018CaseLGBT Rights
  5. Transgender Athlete on the Girls' Track Team

    September 5, 2017CaseLGBT Rights, Student Rights
  6. Voir Dire on LGBT Bias

    June 19, 2018CaseLGBT Rights, Due Process
  7. 300 Families for Marriage Equality

    January 15, 2015CaseReligious Liberty, LGBT Rights
  8. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality

    June 26, 2015CaseLGBT Rights
  9. Defending Michigan Marriages

    February 24, 2015CaseLGBT Rights
  10. Social Security Benefits for Legally Adopted Child

    January 5, 2018CaseLGBT Rights


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