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  1. Michigan High Court Should Protect Healthcare for Families

    November 6, 2007Press releaseVoting Rights, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  2. CMU's Absolute Ban on Videotaping Without Permission is Unconstitutional

    November 27, 2007Press releaseStudent Rights, Due Process, Free Speech
  3. ACLU Declares Victory for Catholic Man Coerced to Convert or Face Jail Time

    November 30, 2007Press releaseCriminal Justice, Religious Liberty
  4. Michigan’s Proposed Immigration Plan Rife With Flaws, ACLU Says

    November 16, 2007Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Criminal Justice
  5. ACLU to Ask Ann Arbor School Board to Halt Installation of Cameras at Pioneer

    November 28, 2007Press releaseStudent Rights, Privacy & Technology