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  1. ACLU, Michigan Immigrant Rights Center Call on Kent County Commission to Welcome Immigrants, Prohibit County Funds for ICE Detention at County Jail

    November 7, 2018Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice
  2. ACLU and Michigan Immigrant Rights Center Demand That Grand Rapids Police Department and U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement Investigate Detention of American-born Citizen and Decorated Marine

    January 23, 2019Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice
  3. ACLU Demands Investigation into Kent County Sheriff’s Department After They Delivered U.S. Citizen to ICE for Deportation

    January 16, 2019Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice
  4. ACLU of Michigan Offices a Whistlestop Along Route for Detroit-to-Flint Water March

    June 30, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice
  5. ACLU of Michigan Calls for Federal Probe into “Pay-or-Stay” Sentencing After Death of Macomb County Jail Inmate

    October 20, 2015Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  6. ACLU Celebrates Passing of Bills Aimed to Fix Michigan's Broken Defense System

    June 19, 2013Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  7. ACLU of Michigan Lauds State Supreme Court Recommendation on "Pay-or-Stay" Sentencing

    December 2, 2015Press releaseRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  8. ACLU of Michigan Launches ‘Fair Justice, Smart Justice’ Project to Reduce State’s Prison Population, Increase Sentencing Alternatives

    January 15, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice
  9. ACLU Looking Into Whether Eastpointe Policing Tied To “Pay-or-Stay” Sentences

    August 19, 2015Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  10. In re Anderson: The Fight to End Debtor's Prisons in Michigan

    March 9, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process