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  1. Black People Found to be 3 Times More Likely to be Arrested for Marijuana Possession than Whites in Michigan, Despite Equal Usage Rates

    June 4, 2013Press releaseDrug Policy, Racial Justice
  2. Landlords Are Not Required to Evict Medical Marijuana Patients, ACLU Explains in Letter

    March 17, 2011Press releaseDrug Policy, Disability Rights
  3. ACLU to Appeal Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart for Firing Cancer Patient Who Legally Used Medical Marijuana

    April 27, 2011Press releaseDisability Rights, Workplace Rights, Drug Policy
  4. ACLU Joins Lawsuit Against City of Wyoming For Banning Medical Marijuana

    December 16, 2010Press releaseDisability Rights, Drug Policy
  5. ACLU Lauds Michigan Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Local Medical Marijuana Bans

    February 7, 2014Press releaseDrug Policy
  6. Court Strikes Down Breathalyzer Tests for Pedestrians As Unconstitutional

    November 25, 0200Press releaseDue Process, Drug Policy, Search and Seizure
  7. ACLU Challenges Unconstitutional Breath Test of 13-Year-Old in Livonia

    September 20, 2011Press releaseStudent Rights, Drug Policy, Search and Seizure
  8. ACLU Defends Flint Dance Club Patrons After Mass Arrests and Searches

    August 29, 2005Press releaseDrug Policy, Search and Seizure
  9. ACLU Sues Cities For Banning Medical Marijuana

    December 1, 2010Press releaseDisability Rights, Drug Policy
  10. ACLU Blasts Flint Proposal to Drug Test All Public Housing Tenants

    August 11, 2010Press releaseDue Process, Drug Policy


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