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  1. ACLU Urges Governor Gretchen Whitmer to Release Vulnerable People from Prisons to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

    April 16, 2020Press releaseCOVID-19 and Your Rights, Criminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights, Racial Justice
  2. ACLU Files Class Action Lawsuit Against ICE to Seek Immediate Release of Immigrants from the Calhoun County Jail to Protect Them From COVID-19

    April 27, 2020Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice, Racial Justice
  3. ACLU of Michigan Calls on Elected Officials to Denounce Rise of Racist Attacks on Asian Americans Amid COVID-19

    April 28, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice
  4. ACLU Calls on Governor and Supreme Court to Take Needed Next Steps to Prevent Mass Evictions and Utility Shutoffs Amid COVID-19 Crisis

    April 30, 2020Press releaseCOVID-19 and Your Rights, Racial Justice, Due Process
  5. ACLU Urges Law Enforcement Officials to Not Pursue Prosecutions Against Protesters Against Police Brutality

    June 9, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  6. ACLU Announces Statewide Prosecutorial Accountability Campaign, “The Power of Prosecutors,” Ahead of 2020 Elections

    June 18, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  7. ACLU Urges Michigan Supreme Court Against Authorizing Remote Jury Trials in Criminal Cases

    June 29, 2020Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process, COVID-19 and Your Rights, Racial Justice
  8. Civil Rights Coalition Responds to Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order by Requesting a Permanent Solution

    July 8, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice
  9. Civil Rights Coalition Files Class Action Lawsuit Challenging Detroit Water Shutoff Policy

    July 9, 2020Press releaseRacial Justice
  10. ACLU Statement on Second Wrongful Arrest due to Face Recognition Technology

    July 10, 2020Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice