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  1. ACLU Sues Mackinac Island for Disability Law Violations

    June 20, 2002Press releaseDisability Rights
  2. Secret Deportation Hearings Unconstitutional

    August 26, 2002Press releaseCriminal Justice, Safe and Free
  3. Michigan Court of Appeals Will Hear Appeal in People v. Timothy Boomer

    March 5, 2002Press releaseReligious Liberty, Free Speech
  4. Annual National ACLU Youth Scholarship Awards

    November 18, 2002Press releaseStudent Rights
  5. ACLU Sues South Lyon Community Schools for Suspending Student Authors

    June 6, 2002Press releaseDue Process, Free Speech, Student Rights
  6. ACLU Warns Legislature to Proceed Cautiously

    January 24, 2002Press releasePrivacy & Technology, Free Speech, Safe and Free
  7. Federal Appeals Court Declares Secret Deportation Hearings Unconstitutional

    August 26, 2002Press releaseRacial Justice, Safe and Free, Due Process
  8. ACLU Busy in Court, From Free Speech to Due Process

    December 10, 2002Press releaseStudent Rights, Due Process, Free Speech
  9. Court Rules Immigration Judge Erred in Closing Rabih Haddad's Bond Hearing

    October 6, 2002Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  10. ACLU Files Motion Requesting Chief Judge Return Second Parent Adoption Cases

    June 14, 2002Press releaseThe Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project