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  1. Phone Companies Broke the Law, ACLU to Argue Before Service Commission

    September 28, 2006Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process, Privacy & Technology
  2. Michigan Judge Thumbs His Nose at U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

    January 11, 2006Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  3. National Television Program on Religious Liberty Features Two Michigan Residents

    February 9, 2006Press releaseFree Speech, Religious Liberty
  4. ACLUs Across the U.S. File Federal Suit to Stop Airport Harassment

    June 19, 2006Press releaseReligious Liberty, Search and Seizure, Racial Justice
  5. ACLU Launches Nationwide Action Against NSA Snooping on Americans' Phone Calls

    May 24, 2006Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  6. Court Rules Kent County Judge Must Guarantee Poor Defendants Counsel

    August 31, 2006Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Criminal Justice
  7. Michigan Judge Threatens $2 Million Fine for Inadequate Prison Health Care

    December 8, 2006Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process, Prisoners' Rights
  8. Children Sentenced to Life Without Parole Bring Plea to Human Rights Body

    February 22, 2006Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  9. ACLU, NAACP Announce Lawsuit Seeking Interpretation of Proposal 2

    December 19, 2006Press releaseRacial Justice, Student Rights
  10. ACLU Tells DeVos Teaching Intelligent Design is Unconstitutional and Bad Policy

    September 21, 2006Press releaseStudent Rights, Religious Liberty, Workplace Rights