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  1. Decriminalizing Grand Rapids

    December 11, 2015CaseDrug Policy
  2. Unemployment Benefits for Medical Marijuana Patients

    November 4, 2015CaseDrug Policy
  3. Impossible Bond Requirement in Forfeiture Case

    May 20, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure
  4. Criminal Charges and Cars Seized for Going to an Art Gallery

    March 10, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure
  5. Pregnancy Discrimination at Work

    August 31, 2015CaseWorkplace Rights, Women's Rights
  6. Curfew for Minors in Detroit

    June 17, 2015CaseFree Speech, Criminal Justice
  7. Local Government Transparency on Surveillance

    March 24, 2015CaseSearch and Seizure, Privacy & Technology
  8. Breastfeeding Accommodations at the Bar Exam

    July 20, 2015CaseStudent Rights, Women's Rights
  9. The Right to Wear Dress Pants at Graduation

    May 27, 2015CaseStudent Rights, Women's Rights
  10. Mike’s Hard Lemonade Case

    October 5, 2015CaseDue Process