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  1. Reproductive Rights Groups Ask Appeals Court to Uphold Ruling

    October 26, 2006Press releaseWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  2. Lawsuit Challenges Michigan Law Banning Virtually All Abortions

    March 1, 2005Press releaseWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  3. Agreement Near in Livingston County Jail Lawsuit

    February 10, 2004Press releaseWomen's Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  4. Let MI Vote: The Law No One Wants

    November 26, 2013News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  5. Cover Me: Provide Full Health Coverage to Michigan Women

    December 7, 2012News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  6. Whose House? Our House! Whose Vagina? Not Yours, Mr. Speaker

    June 15, 2012News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  7. Move Over Mississippi: Michigan is the Latest to Try Shutting Down Abortion Clinics

    June 12, 2012News updateReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  8. Urgent: Protect Women’s Health From Bad Politics

    September 20, 2011News updateWomen's Rights, Reproductive Freedom
  9. Lower Court Decision Striking Down Abortion Ban Stands

    January 7, 2008Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights
  10. Michigan Legal Birth Definition Win

    June 4, 2007Press releaseReproductive Freedom, Women's Rights