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  1. Army Veteran Subjected to Intrusive Body Search By Detroit Police Settles Case

    January 22, 2009Press releaseSafe and Free, Search and Seizure
  2. ACLU Files Challenge to Mass Search Policy

    June 10, 2004Press releaseStudent Rights, Safe and Free, Privacy & Technology, Search and Seizure
  3. Judge Dismisses "Obscene" Phone Call Charge Against Frustrated Farmer

    February 20, 2004Press releaseSafe and Free, Free Speech
  4. Arenac County Sheriff Should Not Prosecute Publishers of Anonymous Newsletter

    September 4, 2008Press releaseSafe and Free, Free Speech
  5. ACLU Releases New Report on Government "Fusion Centers"

    December 12, 2007Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  6. How to Get on the Government's Kill List

    February 5, 2013News updateSafe and Free, Due Process
  7. Firefighters Can Now Speak Out

    January 29, 2003Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Safe and Free, Free Speech
  8. ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit in Unconstitutional Raid of Detroit Art Gallery

    February 18, 2010Press releaseDue Process, Safe and Free, Criminal Justice
  9. Lansing Surveillance Cameras Are Costly, Ineffective and Invasive, ACLU Report Warns

    August 28, 2012Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  10. ACLU Sues For Records About FBI Collection of Racial and Ethnic Data in Michigan

    July 21, 2011Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice