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  1. Appeals Court to Hear Case of Counseling Student Dismissed from Program for Refusing to Work with LGBT Clients

    October 4, 2011Press releaseStudent Rights, Religious Liberty, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  2. ACLU Sues For Records About FBI Collection of Racial and Ethnic Data in Michigan

    July 21, 2011Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice
  3. Anti-Domestic Partner Benefits Bills are Illegal, Harmful to Economy, ACLU Testifies Before Senate Committee

    October 19, 2011Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Due Process, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  4. Michigan Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Its First Medical Marijuana Case

    June 23, 2011Press releaseCriminal Justice, Drug Policy
  5. Affirmative Action in Michigan Upheld by Appeals Court

    July 1, 2011Press releaseWorkplace Rights, Student Rights, Racial Justice
  6. ACLU Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart for Firing Cancer Patient Who Legally Used Medical Marijuana

    April 27, 2011Press releaseDisability Rights, Drug Policy
  7. ACLU Asks Michigan Supreme Court to Hear Medical Marijuana Case

    April 1, 2011Press releaseDisability Rights, Drug Policy
  8. ACLU in Federal Court in Michigan Today to Challenge Juvenile Life Without Parole

    April 21, 2011Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  9. ACLU Urges Governor Snyder to Protect Michigan Families, Veto Anti-Domestic Partner Bills

    December 12, 2011Press releaseWorkplace Rights, The Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  10. ACLU Challenges Debtors' Prisons Across Michigan

    August 4, 2011Press releaseRacial Justice, Criminal Justice