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  1. Ann Arbor Bus System Censors Controversial Ad

    July 19, 2013CaseRacial Justice, Free Speech
  2. The Right To Predict the Future

    December 18, 2014CaseFree Speech
  3. Remaining Seated During the Pledge to Protest Racial Injustice

    December 9, 2014CaseRacial Justice, Free Speech
  4. More Unconstitutional Political Sign Ordinances

    October 2, 2014CaseFree Speech
  5. Standing Up for Peaceful Puppy Mill Protesters

    January 14, 2014CaseFree Speech
  6. An ACLU Lawyer’s Appeal for a Renewed Commitment to Social Justice

    January 5, 2016News updateVoting Rights, Free Speech, Racial Justice
  7. Emergency Manager Cuts Retirees’ Health Care Benefits

    May 5, 2014CaseFree Speech, Workplace Rights
  8. Vanity Plates Censored

    September 3, 2014CaseFree Speech
  9. Political Speech and Youth Curfews on the Detroit RiverWalk

    June 28, 2017CaseFree Speech
  10. Free Speech on Campus

    August 7, 2013CaseStudent Rights, Free Speech


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