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  1. Citizenship Checkbox at the Polls

    May 29, 2013CaseVoting Rights
  2. Driver’s Licenses for DREAMers

    February 5, 2013Case
  3. Tuition Equality for Undocumented Students

    July 18, 2013CaseStudent Rights
  4. Marriage Rights for Immigrants

    July 29, 2013Case
  5. Coach-Led Prayer in Bloomfield Hills

    May 3, 2013CaseStudent Rights, Religious Liberty
  6. City Clerk Leads Mandatory Prayer for Poll Workers

    November 25, 2013CaseReligious Liberty
  7. Warren Mayor Allows Nativity Scene But Rejects Atheist Display

    February 25, 2013CaseReligious Liberty
  8. Pizza with the Priest at Public Middle School

    April 12, 2013CaseReligious Liberty
  9. CIA Spies on U-M Professor/Bush Critic in Attempt To Discredit Him

    July 29, 2013CaseSafe and Free
  10. Duncan v. Granholm: Indigent Defense Reform

    July 10, 2013CaseCriminal Justice