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  1. Lawsuit Filed Against Michigan State Police

    August 3, 2004Press releasePrisoners' Rights, Privacy & Technology
  2. Victims of Identity Theft Victimized Again by Michigan State Police

    January 19, 2005Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology
  3. Judge Orders Prison Staff to Stop Reading Mail Between Prisoners and Lawyers

    April 30, 2002Press releaseCriminal Justice, Privacy & Technology, Prisoners' Rights
  4. DOJ Exempts FBI Database from Privacy Act

    April 4, 2003Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology, Criminal Justice
  5. ACLU-MI Joins Effort to Expose FBI Spying on Political and Religious Groups

    December 2, 2004Press releaseReligious Liberty, Privacy & Technology
  6. ACLU to Ask Ann Arbor School Board to Halt Installation of Cameras at Pioneer

    November 28, 2007Press releaseStudent Rights, Privacy & Technology
  7. Take Action: Protect Privacy from Military Recruiters

    September 5, 2007Press releaseStudent Rights, Safe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  8. ACLU of Michigan Rejects Bush Administration Call to Remove Patriot Act Sunsets

    May 26, 2004Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  9. Justice Department May Be Using Controversial Patriot Act Powers After All

    May 20, 2004Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  10. ACLU Questions State Police's Authority to Participate in Data Collection

    May 20, 2004Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology


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