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  1. ACLU Applauds Supreme Court Limits on Cruel Juvenile Sentences, Encourages Michigan to Follow Suit

    May 17, 2010Press releaseDue Process, Prisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice
  2. Michigan Supreme Court to Hear Case on Public Defense System

    December 21, 2009Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  3. Court Should Dismiss Charges Against Ann Arbor Man Arrested for Being Homeless, ACLU Says in Brief

    December 23, 2009Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  4. Phone Companies Broke the Law, ACLU to Argue Before Service Commission

    September 28, 2006Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process, Privacy & Technology
  5. ACLU Opposes Cox's Support for Elimination of Preliminary Examinations

    May 10, 2005Press releaseDue Process, Criminal Justice
  6. Michigan Judge Thumbs His Nose at U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

    January 11, 2006Press releaseCriminal Justice, Due Process
  7. Guest Blog: A Foundation for Justice in Michigan

    June 25, 2013News updateDue Process, Criminal Justice
  8. Michigan's Crumbling Public Defense System Continues to Lock Innocent People Up

    June 2, 2011News updateDue Process, Criminal Justice
  9. Civil Liberties: Alive and Well in Flint

    June 3, 2009News updateCriminal Justice, Due Process
  10. When Kids Get Life Without Hope, Michigan Loses

    May 10, 2010News updateDue Process, Prisoners' Rights, Criminal Justice


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