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  1. Arrested for Not Having Protest Insurance

    August 22, 2013CaseFree Speech
  2. Anti-Begging Law Struck Down

    August 14, 2013PublicationCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  3. No Leafleting on Mackinac Island

    May 31, 2013PublicationFree Speech
  4. Farmer’s Right To Criticize Obama

    April 4, 2013CaseFree Speech
  5. Political Speech in Bars and Restaurants

    March 7, 2013News updateFree Speech
  6. Jailed Over Christmas for Swearing

    January 11, 2013CaseCriminal Justice, Free Speech
  7. Fur Protester Arrested for Standing on Public Sidewalk

    August 29, 2013PublicationFree Speech
  8. Anonymous Bloggers Sued by Law School

    April 4, 2013CaseStudent Rights, Free Speech
  9. Complete Ban on Truthful Advertising

    August 18, 2015CaseFree Speech
  10. The Right to Pass Out “Know Your Rights” Leaflets

    February 28, 2015CaseFree Speech