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  1. Five Questions for … ACLU Law Intern Jessica Lewis

    July 21, 2016News updateRacial Justice
  2. ACLU of Michigan ED Kary Moss Issues Statement on Dallas Shootings

    July 8, 2016Press releaseRacial Justice
  3. ACLU of Louisiana Issues Statement on Alton Sterling

    July 6, 2016Press releaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  4. Five Questions for...ACLU Summer Law Intern Rohit Rajan

    July 29, 2016News updateRacial Justice
  5. Democracy Watch: The Sad Disappearance of the Highland Park School District

    July 6, 2016News updateVoting Rights, Racial Justice, Emergency Manager
  6. Federal Court Rejects Motion to Dismiss Flint Safe Drinking Water Lawsuit

    July 8, 2016News updateVoting Rights, Flint Water Crisis, Racial Justice
  7. Fancher: Five Steps the Police Can Take to Reduce Racial Bias Toward Blacks

    August 12, 2016News updateCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  8. Democracy Watch: Appeals Court to Hear Lawsuits Over Detroit Water, State EM Law

    July 29, 2016News updateRacial Justice, Voting Rights, Emergency Manager
  9. ACLU of Michigan Launches “MPowerED” Campaign to End Inequality in Education

    September 12, 2016Press releaseRacial Justice, Student Rights
  10. Fancher: Colin Kaepernick Anthem Protest Recalls Recent Boycott by Young ACLU Client

    September 8, 2016News updateFree Speech, Racial Justice