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  1. Professor Denied Housing Based on Old Criminal Record

    September 2, 2015CaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  2. Slavery Reenactment Activity Traumatizes Children

    February 4, 2016CaseRacial Justice
  3. The Pledge of Allegiance

    April 14, 2016CaseRacial Justice, Free Speech
  4. Benton Harbor Struggles to Save Its High School

    January 23, 2020CaseStudent Rights, Racial Justice
  5. Paying for Poisoned Water

    January 28, 2020CaseFlint Water Crisis, Racial Justice
  6. Discriminatory Tax Foreclosures

    January 22, 2021CaseRacial Justice
  7. Racially Hostile Work Environment in the Detroit Police Department

    January 22, 2021CaseRacial Justice, Workplace Rights
  8. Traffic Stop Quotas Create Racial Profiling Hazard

    January 22, 2021CaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  9. Pretrial Release During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    January 22, 2021CaseCOVID-19 and Your Rights, Racial Justice, Criminal Justice, Prisoners' Rights
  10. Legal Hurdles to Holding Law Enforcement Accountable

    January 22, 2021CaseRacial Justice, Due Process