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  1. ACLU of Michigan Calls on Legislature to Investigate Cost of Matrix Program

    March 17, 2004Press releasePrivacy & Technology
  2. ACLU Questions Michigan State Police Involvement in Data Surveillance Program

    February 17, 2004Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  3. Court Will Hear Arguments on December 3 in Challenge to PATRIOT Act

    November 26, 2003Press releaseSafe and Free, Due Process, Privacy & Technology
  4. Ashcroft Visit to Detroit Will Not Include Seeing the Public

    August 19, 2003Press releaseRacial Justice, Privacy & Technology
  5. ACLU Grieves with the Nation

    September 14, 2008Press releasePrivacy & Technology, Safe and Free
  6. ACLU Warns Legislature to Proceed Cautiously

    January 24, 2002Press releasePrivacy & Technology, Free Speech, Safe and Free
  7. ACLU Sues CIA for Documents on Iraq War Critic Juan Cole

    July 13, 2011Press releasePrivacy & Technology, Free Speech
  8. Ann Arbor City Council Passes Civil Liberties Resolution

    July 8, 2003Press releasePrivacy & Technology, Safe and Free
  9. Michigan State Police Drop Out of MATRIX

    March 7, 2005Press releasePrivacy & Technology
  10. Court Rules that Michigan State Police Must Disclose Information about MATRIX

    February 4, 2005Press releaseSafe and Free, Due Process, Privacy & Technology