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  1. ACLU of Michigan Executive Director Responds to Decision to Clear Agent in Kellom Case

    August 19, 2015News updateRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  2. Should Airports Engage in Terrorist Profiling?

    March 8, 2002News updateSearch and Seizure, Religious Liberty, Safe and Free, Racial Justice
  3. Detroit's Water Woes: A Payment Plan is Not an Affordability Plan

    September 2, 2014News updateRacial Justice, Due Process, Free Speech
  4. Democracy Watch: Congress Looks at Detroit's Water Crisis

    February 25, 2015News updateDue Process, Racial Justice
  5. Democracy Watch: UN Experts Condemn Detroit Water Shut-Offs

    October 22, 2014News updateDue Process, Racial Justice
  6. ACLU of Michigan Urges DPS Officials to End Suspensions of High-School Football Players

    October 21, 2015Press releaseDue Process, Racial Justice
  7. Corrosive Impact: Leaded Water and One Flint Family's Toxic Nightmare

    September 10, 2015PublicationRacial Justice
  8. ACLU of Michigan Mobile Justice App Aims to Stop Police Brutality

    November 13, 2015News updateRacial Justice, Search and Seizure
  9. ACLU of Michigan Lauds State Supreme Court Recommendation on "Pay-or-Stay" Sentencing

    December 2, 2015Press releaseRacial Justice, Criminal Justice
  10. Guyette: How the EAA's Buzz Program Exploited Detroit's Most Vulnerable Kids

    September 24, 2015News updateVoting Rights, Racial Justice


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