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  1. U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Lower Court, Rules Michigan's Proposal 2 is Constitutional

    April 22, 2014Press releaseRacial Justice
  2. ACLU of Michigan, Other Social-Justice Groups Demand Suspension of Controversial Detroit Task Force, Investigation into Killing of U.S. Citizen by Immigration Agent

    May 7, 2015Press releaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice
  3. ACLU of Michigan, Other Groups Make Joint Call for Moratorium on Mass Tax Foreclosures in Wayne County

    May 12, 2015Press releaseDue Process, Racial Justice
  4. Citizenship Checkbox Ordered off the November Ballot Application

    October 5, 2012Press releaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights
  5. Citizenship Checkbox Unlawful, Voting Rights Coalition Argues In Lawsuit

    September 17, 2012Press releaseRacial Justice, Voting Rights
  6. ACLU Launches Let Me Vote Campaign to Inform and Empower Voters

    September 12, 2012Press releaseStudent Rights, Racial Justice, Voting Rights
  7. ACLUs Across the U.S. File Federal Suit to Stop Airport Harassment

    June 19, 2006Press releaseReligious Liberty, Search and Seizure, Racial Justice
  8. Civil Rights Organizations Urge Appeals Court to Strike Down Ban on Affirmative Action in Michigan

    November 17, 2009Press releaseWomen's Rights, Student Rights, Racial Justice
  9. ACLU Sues For Records About FBI Collection of Racial and Ethnic Data in Michigan

    July 21, 2011Press releaseSafe and Free, Privacy & Technology, Racial Justice
  10. Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Challenge to Michigan's Proposal 2

    October 15, 2013Press releaseRacial Justice