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  1. ACLU and Aimee Stephens Hold Monday Press Conference on First Transgender Rights Case to be Heard by U.S. Supreme Court

    September 27, 2019Press releaseThe Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  2. Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Landmark LGBTQ Discrimination Case

    October 8, 2019Press release
  3. ACLU Applauds Michigan Lawmakers’ Introduction of the Reproductive Health Act

    October 29, 2019Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  4. ACLU Applauds Michigan Lawmaker for Introduction of Bills to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Obtain Drivers Licenses

    November 1, 2019Press releaseImmigrants' Rights
  5. ACLU Applauds Michigan Secretary of State for Creating a Transgender-Inclusive Driver’s License Policy

    November 18, 2019Press releaseThe Nancy Katz & Margo Dichtelmiller LGBT Project
  6. ACLU Sues ICE in U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Jilmar Ramos-Gomez’s Case

    November 20, 2019Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Criminal Justice, Due Process
  7. ACLU Commends Federal Investigation into Racially Hostile Environment in Paw Paw Public Schools

    December 12, 2019Press releaseRacial Justice, Student Rights, Safe and Free
  8. ACLU to Hold Wednesday Press Conference on Defending Amish Community’s Religious Freedom Against County Threats of Bulldozing

    December 17, 2019Press release
  9. ACLU Statement on Defending Abortion Rights in Response to Dangerous Pending Ballot Initiative

    December 23, 2019Press releaseReproductive Freedom
  10. ACLU Commends Governor Whitmer and Michigan Lawmakers for Passing Raise the Age Legislation

    October 31, 2019Press releaseCriminal Justice, Racial Justice