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  1. Volunteer Rules Hinder Parental Involvement, Broad-Based Group Tells GRPS

    March 1, 2011Press releaseStudent Rights, Criminal Justice
  2. Service Dog Allowed to Accompany Kindergartner to School, ACLU Announces

    April 12, 2010Press releaseStudent Rights, Disability Rights
  3. ACLU-MI Alarmed By Recent Arrests of 49 Students at a Detroit High School, Calls on Parents to Contact the Organization

    March 11, 2009Press releaseDue Process, Search and Seizure, Student Rights
  4. ACLU to Ask Ann Arbor School Board to Halt Installation of Cameras at Pioneer

    November 28, 2007Press releaseStudent Rights, Privacy & Technology
  5. ACLU Files Religious Liberty Lawsuit on Behalf of Ninth Grader Facing Expulsion

    October 3, 2007Press releaseReligious Liberty, Student Rights
  6. Take Action: Protect Privacy from Military Recruiters

    September 5, 2007Press releaseStudent Rights, Safe and Free, Privacy & Technology
  7. ACLU, NAACP Announce Lawsuit Seeking Interpretation of Proposal 2

    December 19, 2006Press releaseRacial Justice, Student Rights
  8. ACLU Tells DeVos Teaching Intelligent Design is Unconstitutional and Bad Policy

    September 21, 2006Press releaseStudent Rights, Religious Liberty, Workplace Rights
  9. ACLU Says MHSAA Cheerleading Rules Banning Males are Unconstitutional

    June 23, 2006Press releaseStudent Rights
  10. ACLU and OUM to Mobilize the Community Through Educational Workshop

    June 15, 2006Press releaseStudent Rights, Racial Justice